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Hello, Country Oaks families.

Election Day November 3, 2020, is coming soon. If you have not voted already please review the education position of the candidates for Michigan House of Representatives. One of the best ways to advocate for our children’s education is to elect a representative that supports your beliefs. Below are the candidates for District 39 and District 44. The positions are taken from their websites and https://ballotpedia.org/.


District 39

Ryan Berman   

Ryan supported the largest investment for students in state history, fought for funding increases in early

education programs, and sponsored legislation providing 1.3 billion to schools so that they have the resources to craft educational and safety standards for the coming school year as COVID-19 continues to impact the state. https://electryanberman.com/

Julia Pulver

Public education: We must fully fund public education across the state. The quality of your education should not depend on your zip code. The revenue losses Michigan has suffered from the COVID-19 crisis cannot be used as an excuse to slash public school funding further. Our children need and deserve a quality education. The 2020 school year was tough for everyone, but especially for kids in school. We owe it to our children to do right by them. https://www.juliapulver.com/.


District 44

Matt Maddock

We have increased public education spending to historic levels and are spending more than most states. Something is very wrong with education in our great state. More money is obviously not the solution. I believe we need drastic change. We owe it to our children and OUR future (because they are OUR future). I call it the “backpack full of cash” solution. Imagine if families could CHOOSE the best available education for their kids. Public schools, Charter schools or Private schools. Let’s try it for ten years! What have we got to lose? If our student’s grades and proficiency don’t significantly improve, we can scrap Schools of Choice and try something else. https://mattmaddock.com/.

Denise Forrest

I will fight to restore funding to educate Michigan's children. For the past 20 years, Michigan has ranked dead last in total education revenue growth between 1995 and 2015. After adjusting for inflation, school revenue was 82 percent of what it was in 1995. It is time to properly fund Michigan's public schools. https://voteforrest44.org/.

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