Country Oaks Elementary Math Game Team (COE MGT)


Who: The games are organized into 3 divisions, each consisting of three games.  Each division is designed for use across two grade levels: Division I

          (grades K & 1), Division II (grades 2 & 3), and Division III (grades 4 & 5).  This grouping allows the students the necessary time to study the

          underlying structure of each game and to mature thinking skills required to gain a significant level of mastery. 


What: The games are problem-solving games, which integrate logical/scientific, computational and spatial/geometric reasoning and focus several

           strands of the elementary mathematics curriculum.


When: Thursdays, after school until 5pm; January 9 - March 19, 2020


Where: COE Media Center

Fee: $10/student with a limit of $25/family.  

PLUS ... save the date for the 10th annual district wide Math Competition!!! Country Oaks Elementary will be competing with the other elementary schools in a district wide Math Competition held at Milford High School on March 26, 2020.  


**Parent volunteers** are crucial to the success of the Math Club. These parent facilitators will present the rules of the games to the students and then circulate while the games are played asking the students about the choices they have made, and guide them in their active problem solving.  You do not need to be a math whiz to be a parent facilitator; just be willing to oversee future math geniuses☺.  Must have Criminal Record Check (CRC) form on file to volunteer. 

Volunteer Traininig Session (highly recommended): Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at Kurtz Elementary Gym/Cafeteria. 

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