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Earning money for COE can be as easy as 1...2...3!

The Country Oaks Elementary PTA (COE PTA) has set up several corporate partnerships where families can earn additional money for the school just by shopping where they normally would, having accounts linked to the COE PTA or simply scanning receipts through the app. This money goes from these corporations directly to the PTA. Take a look below, follow a few simple steps and get shopping!


Visit the link below for your favorite photo gift needs! 8% of your shopping bill comes back to the COE PTA.

Kroger Community Rewards

The Kroger Community Rewards program provides cash back to participating schools based upon the purchase amounts for registered users.  If you have a Kroger shoppers card visit the page below, link to link your Kroger card to "Country Oaks Elementary PTA" and ne sure to scan your card each time you shop. Remember you need to re-enroll and select "Country Oaks Elementary PTA" in January of every new calendar year.  The COE PTA's organization number is QJ865.

**If you do not have a Kroger card simply visit any Kroger and sign up for the Kroger Rewards program and then repeat the steps above**

Courtney Rudolph
Courtney Rudolph

VP of Events & Volunteers

See what YouR partnership dollars can do ...

Box Tops

Participating in the virtual Box Tops for Education program is easier than ever and a seamless way to raise money for the COE PTA.  Via the new program, you can upload Box Tops from hundreds of participating products ($.10 each goes to COE PTA).  Please download the Box Top App and search for Country Oaks Elementary PTA. Next, open the app and scan your receipts.  The app automatically recognizes and calculates your points for you. Take a look at the below video to get started:

** For a limited time the COE PTA will still accept NON-EXPIRED and TRIMMED physical box tops from product boxes.  Box Tops for Education is phasing this program out but you may still find some on participating products. Send in through your child's takehome folder**

corporate Matching Gifts

Many employers have programs that will match their employees charitable contributions.  Click the below link and see if your company will match your donation to Country Oaks Elementary. You can also contact the Human Resources Department at your corporation to inquire if they participate is such programs.

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