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Become a Country Oaks PTA Team Leader, Team Member, or Board Member!

Country Oak's has a long-standing tradition of bringing many amazing events and programs to our students and school community. To continue this tradition we need many team leaders and team members to make these events successful. Team Leaders, Team Members, and Board Members are the parents who plan, coordinate, and execute all of the amazing community events, fundraisers, and enrichment opportunities that exist at COE.  If you are interested in playing a key role and filling a critical need at the school, please fill out the form below and you will be contacted. Every school year you must have a new approved Criminal Record Check form on file at the front office to work with students or money in any way. Each year is unique and brings a different kind of volunteering, we will contact you as event details are solidified. Until then just let us know you’re interested. Thank you!

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