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The Color Run is Country Oaks LARGEST fundraiser of the year. It funds the majority of the school’s supplemental technology and classroom equipment along with the student’s academic and social enrichment activities every year. 


The Color Run will be ONLINE and SOCIAL again this year! The online fundraising program will enable us to be more efficient and effective with fundraising as well as reduce the number of physical resources (paper, ink, staples) and human resources (volunteers) needed while still bringing the school community an amazing program.


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What do you need to do?


  • Register your student online by clicking the register & donate button above.

    • ​​Scroll down to the Parent Registration Instructions box.  Click on the words “login to your parent dashboard here”. 
    • Our school code is:   5d3089426adee

    • All students who register and create their fundraising webpage will receive a prize.

  • Share your student’s fundraising page via email to 10-15 friends 

    • Students who share via email average raise at least $100 

  • Post your student's fundraising page to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other social medial

    • Students who share via social media average raise an additional $50-75

  • Start taking donations and raising money for Country Oaks!


  • Donations can be made with a credit card by clicking the "Register & Donate" button above. 



One TEAM! One Goal! No Limits!


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