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So many ways to support  Country Oaks PTA

Supporting teaching and learning at Country Oaks is a cornerstone of the PTA's mission. In the over 20 years of existence of our organization, the COE PTA has provided countless monetary and human resources for the school and this year is no different. Numerous enrichment programs, technology, materials, supplies, modular furniture, club support, events, and books just to name a few have been funded by the COE PTA for decades. 


In addition, Huron Valley Schools (HVS) receives the lowest per-pupil funding available in the State of Michigan. The district is tied for last in funding among the 28 school districts in Oakland County. Per pupil funding for HVS students is approximately $7,500 while others in the county receive more than $12,000 per pupil. 

Without support from the COE PTA (comprised of families and community members), the Country Oaks experience would be very different. Generous monetary donations from you; our community businesses, families, and alumni bridge the gap between our per-pupil funding and the true cost of education which is why we ask for support. Please consider continuing to support the school we know and love! 

It's AMAZING what your support can do!

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kristen tesauro

VP of Events & Volunteers

The COE PTA's "Point of Pride" is a highlight of items and programs that your gift supports.

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